Process Courses

These required courses focus on developing students’ critical thinking and communication skills. The Process courses use ‘landmark’ papers and the contemporary cell and developmental biology literature to impart these skills.

BIOL 530 – The Biology of the Cell (3 credits). Winter Session, 1st term; 13 weeks.


This course focuses on developing a student’s oral communication skills and ability to critically evaluate research papers in the cell and developmental biology literature. The exercises require the student to deliver clear, effective and polished oral and poster presentations describing data and summarizing important topics in cell and developmental biology.


Course Coordinator:
Cal Roskelley (; 604-822-0779)


CELL 501 – Cell and Developmental Biology Research Literature (3 credits). Winter Session, 2nd term; 13 weeks. Prerequisite: BIOL 530.


This course builds on BIOL 530 to focus on the design and implementation of hypothesis driven research, through lectures, class presentations and hands-on exercises. Students learn to apply a multi-disciplinary approach to their own research questions, and are guided through writing a rigorous research proposal outlining their own proposed graduate work.


Course Coordinators:
Doug Allan (; 604-827-5960)
Shernaz Bamji (; 604-822-4746)
Chris Loewen (; 604-827-5961)