Other Requirements

All students are expected to:

• Students who entered the CELL Program in September 2015 or after are required to present in the ‘Cells’ student-led seminar series. MSc students are required to present once in year 2/early year 3 (i.e. prior to writing up their thesis). PhD students (and MSc to PhD transfer students) are required to present twice, once in year 2/early year 3 (i.e. prior to their Comprehensive Exam) and once in year 4/early year 5 (i.e. prior to writing up their thesis). The latter ‘Cells’ presentation replaces the previous doctoral ‘Exit’ seminar (i.e. students starting in the CELL Program as of September 2015 will no longer have to present a doctoral ‘Exit’ seminar). Students who entered the CELL Program prior to September 2015 are strongly encouraged to present in the ‘Cells’ seminar series. See FAQ for additional details.

• Complete instructor and course evaluations for each of the Program’s courses they register in. Participation in course evaluation is an expectation – providing constructive feedback is a professional obligation and is also critical for course improvement and instructor evaluation.

Students are also strongly encouraged to attend:

• The annual Cell and Developmental Biology retreat, which includes invited keynote speakers and student talks and poster presentations.

• Student-led seminars in cell and developmental biology. The seminar schedule is available here.

Responsible Conduct of Research course. All first-year students in the CELL Program must complete this mandatory Faculty of Medicine non-credit course. The course covers Ethics and the Responsible Researcher, Research Misconduct, Data Acquisition and Management, Publication Practices and Responsible Authorship, Writing with Integrity, Peer Review: Role and Process in Life Sciences Research, Responsible Mentoring, Collaborative Research, Conflicts of Interest, Human Participants Research and Ethics, and Animal Care and Use. Students will be contacted by the Faculty of Medicine to sign up for this course.