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Provide the following exact information:

Nature of emergency.

The precise location.

Phone number at which you can be reached.

Do not hang up until told to do so – additional information may be needed.

Have someone meet the emergency responders and have them guide the responders to the incident.



Emergency contacts and procedures



Emergency First Aid (24 hours)


UBC Hospital Urgent Care (until 10pm)

VGH Emergency (24 hours)
Campus Security (24 hours)
Poison Control Centre
Hazardous Materials Response



UBC Campus Fire Department

RCMP – UBC Campus
AMS SafeWalk

Student Health Services (incl. first aid)
(Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri 8am-4pm / Thurs 9am-4pm)


Plant Operations (‘Troublecalls’)

Disaster Preparedness Resources


LSC Safety and Environmental Advisor
Bio-Safety Advisor
Chemical Health and Safety Advisor
Occupational Hygiene Advisor
Radiation Safety Advisor


To get reliable information during emergencies that impact the Point Grey Campus:

1. In the event of an emergency, the UBC Main Page will provide accurate and updated information about the nature of the incident, how to remain safe and, after the event, the point at which safety has been restored.

2. During an emergency, the UBC Emergency Procedures and Information Page provides the same emergency information that is posted on the UBC Main Page. The page also provides a wide variety of other emergency and preparedness-related information and resources which can be referenced at any time.

3. UBC needs the ability to reach students, faculty and staff in the case of an emergency. By providing your cell phone number to the UBC Emergency Messaging & Notification System, the University can send text/voice messages directly to you during an emergency. Sign up to receive UBC Alerts.



Students in crisis


Suicide threat/acute emotional distress:

Crisis Intervention & Suicide Prevention Centre (24 hr)


Vancouver Crisis Centre (24 hr)

UBC Counselling Services
Sexual Assault (services should only be called if requested by victim or a life threatening situation exists):
Emergency Services
Campus Security

VGH Sexual Assault Centre


Women Against Violence Against Women (WAVAW) Rape Crisis Centre (24 hr crisis line)


BC Society for Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse


AMS Sexual Assault Support Centre

Counselling Services


Concerned about a student? Find out how you can help.

Faculty or TAs concerned about a student should first contact Early Alert. Faculty may also consult or make a priority referral for the student to Counselling Services or the Student Health Service.


Student resources

Student Service Centre – all things students. You need to register for Campus-Wide Login to access the Student Service Centre.

Student Services is a central resource for health and wellness information, including how to enroll for required basic and extended health insurance.

Student Health Service is available to all registered students and offers a variety of health care services including family medicine, sports medicine and primary nursing care. While you are a student, SHS can act as your family doctor or see you for episodic care. Walk-in urgent care and scheduled appointments are available.
UBC Hospital, Rm M334 – 2211 Wesbrook Mall (Koerner Pavilion); tel. 604-822-7011

Counselling Services provides professional, confidential counselling services, including individual counseling (e.g. coping with stress, managing depression and anxiety, dealing with loss, working through identity issues, addressing substance abuse and strengthening motivation); group counselling programs to help students manage stress, anxiety and depression; emergency drop-in hours to assist students with urgent concerns; and outreach programming to enhance self-management skills development.
Brock Hall, Rm 1040 – 1874 East Mall; tel. 604-822-3811

Access and Diversity provides support for students with a disability or ongoing medical condition.
Brock Hall, Rm. 1203 – 1874 East Mall; tel. 604-822-5844

Work permits & immigration

The International Student Guide contains detailed and very useful information for international students at UBC.

Find out about the immigration documents that you need to study at UBC. Additional links can be found here.

Student Advocacy

Impartial and confidential resources available to students who are experiencing difficulties with their supervisors, advisors, program, faculty or the University:
Graduate Student Society Advocacy Office
AMS Advocacy and Ombuds Offices
UBC Office of the Ombudsperson for Students

Graduate Student Societies

Graduate Student Society. The Society advocates for, promotes, and protects the academic, social, intellectual, cultural and recreational interests of its members.

UBC Interdisciplinary Graduate Student Network. Promotes interdisciplinary collaboration and knowledge-sharing between graduate students from different disciplines and departments.

LSI Graduate Student Association. Enhances the training experience of LSI graduate students by providing networking opportunities to promote collaborations both on and off campus; facilitating outreach events between graduate students and the community; and representing graduate students by active involvement on the LSI Steering Committee.

Money matters

Financial Planning & Support provides financial planning advice and information about needs-based graduate awards such as loans, bursaries and other types of financial aid.

Bank accounts – how to set one up and how to transfer funds from abroad.


Resources to help you find accommodation at UBC and in Vancouver are available here.


UBC provides support for students with families, including childcare and family housing. Please be aware that these services are in high demand and frequently have long waiting lists.

There are also a large number of resources available to assist students who are parents.


Information about public transport to and from UBC can be found here.

The U-Pass, which provides unlimited access to bus, SeaBus and SkyTrain service across Metro Vancouver, is mandatory. The cost is automatically included as part of your student fees.


UBC Campus Maps


Information about recreation facilities at UBC is available here.

There are over 370 student clubs for you to choose from at UBC.



Please feel free to suggest additional links – send them to the Program Coordinator.