Program Requirements

Students in the CELL Program need to fulfill coursework, research and other requirements in order to graduate. If progress has not been satisfactory as evidenced by coursework, progress on thesis research, advancement to candidacy (Ph.D. students only) and/or other requirements of the CELL Program and G+PS, you may be required to withdraw from your program. Failure to remain in good standing will also affect your eligibility for internal and external funding.

Progress in your degree program will be assessed each year at an Advisory Committee Meeting and is measured by:

• Maintaining minimum grade performance. In brief:

M.Sc. students should achieve a minimum of 68% in all courses taken. However, up to 6 credits of coursework with grades of 60-67% may be counted towards your master’s program.

Ph.D. students must achieve a minimum of 68% (B-) in all courses taken for credit. If you obtain a grade of less than 68% (B-), you must inform the CELL Program Coordinator. You may be allowed to repeat the course for higher standing or take an alternate course.

In either case, if you have to repeat a failed required course, you must obtain a minimum mark of 74%. If you do not improve your grade by repeating the course or taking an alternate course and obtaining a satisfactory grade, you may be required to withdraw.

For additional details, please see Satisfactory Progress for Master’s Students and Satisfactory Progress for Doctoral Students

• Satisfactory progress in research. Students whose research work is unsatisfactory in the opinion of their Research Supervisor must have their progress assessed by their Advisory Committee. The Committee has authority to recommend a student’s withdrawal from his or her degree program if adequate progress is not demonstrated.