Prospective Students

The CELL Program is composed of nearly 50 faculty members and ~70 students who are using cutting-edge techniques to identify and study the cellular mechanisms that underlie development and diseases such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and diseases of the central nervous system. Outstanding facilities and resources are available to individual labs to conduct fundamental experimental and/or translational research using a wide range of approaches, including the use of model organisms such as worms (C. elegans), fruit flies (D. melanogaster) and yeast (S. cerevisiae) for which very sophisticated genetic tools are available. In addition to cutting edge research, the Program offers a distinctive suite of modular courses, which allows students the flexibility to receive instruction in the topics and methodologies that are of most relevance to their individual backgrounds, specific research areas and goals.

Students who are interested in joining the CELL Program can learn more about How to Apply, Financial Support/Tuition/Fees, and Living in Vancouver in this section.

Please look at the list of Frequently Asked Questions for additional information – if you can’t find an answer to your question there, you are very welcome to contact our Program Coordinator who will be pleased to help.