New CELL Faculty Member Profile – Kenji Sugioka

Dr. Sugioka is an Assistant Professor and Michael Smith Scholar in the Dept. of Zoology at UBC and his lab is located on the 2nd floor of the LSI where he part of the C. elegans group with Koto Mizumoto and Don Moerman.

Kenji grew up in Kyoto, Japan and he did his graduate work at the the University of Tokyo and he RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology in Kobe before moving across the ocean to the University of Oregon to work with Bruce Bowerman where he became an expert in oriented cell division, centriole biogenesis, meiotic spindle formation and asymmetric cell division. While he liked living amongst the trees in the green world of Eugene, Kenji did not become a huge fan of American football in the home of the Ducks given that ‘real’ football (i.e. soccer) is his game.

Kenji now lives on amongst the trees and the green on UBC’s South Campus with his partner Nagisa and, given that he has already secured funding from CIHR, NSERC and the New Frontiers Foundation, his lab, which is focused on the developmental patterning of cell division, is rapidly growing.

Welcome Dr. Sugioka!